Blog:     Derek Sivers

Description:     Entrepreneur, programmer, avid student of life. I make useful things, and share what I learn.

Favorite Posts:

  1. The Night I Met Einstein
  2. There is No Speed Limit
  3. Does Quantity + Learning = Quality?
  4. I Assume I’m Below Average
  5. Obvious to You. Amazing to Others.

Blog:     The Blog of Tim Ferriss

Description:     Experiments in Lifestyle Design

Favorite Posts:

  1. Richard Feynman: The Pleasure of Finding Things Out
  2. How to Use Philosophy as a Personal Operating System: From Seneca to Musashi
  3. Public Speaking: How I Prepare Every Time
  4. Tim Ferris Scam: Practical Tactics for Dealing With Haters
  5. From CEOs to Opera Singers – How to Harness the “Superstar Effect”

Blog: Study Hacks

Description:     I’m a 30-year-old computer scientist interested in why some people lead successful, enjoyable, meaningful lives, while so many others do not. Being a geek, I’m not satisfied with simplistic slogans (e.g., “follow your passion!”) or conventional wisdom (e.g., student success requires stress). Instead, I dive deeper, looking to decode underlying patterns of success, in all their nuanced glory.

Favorite Posts:

  1. The Steve Martin Method: A Master Comedian’s Advice for Becoming Famous
  2. The Grandmaster in the Corner Office: What the Study of Chess Experts Teaches Us about Building a Remarkable Life
  3. On Great Teachers and the Remarkable Life: A Deliberate Practice Case Study
  4. If You’re Busy, You’re Doing Something Wrong: The Surprisingly Relaxed Lives of Elite Achievers
  5. Of Pre-Med Schedules and the Possibility of Finishing Your Work Before Dinner

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